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My Bio

Ever since I was a kid I loved music and I had a passion to create. The projects I worked on as I got older got better with the experience that I had. Early on, I picked up on songs that my father played on the drums and played along. My parents raised me in a very classic rock-oriented household.

When I was young, I started playing guitar until I picked up the drumsticks and sat on a throne for the first time when I turned 12. Drums have been my primary instrument ever since then, and now that I have more experience, I have enjoyed making music a lot more.

Singing and rapping different styles is something that I just recently started in late 2018, but the feeling of creating the songs that I have made with Lil Duo and on solo projects, is amazing.

The first song and music video that I put out with Lil Duo was AP. AP is short for Audemars Piguet- a famous swiss watch brand whose watch is featured in the cover art for the album single.

Second song up in production was Drip Drop. This time, AYERAWN is on the hook and a verse, and I took the two ending verses to finish the song off. This song is special because it is the first song that we recorded and were presented with the opportunity to release an album following in the coming year 2019.

No Order is the first song of mine that I have recorded in a professional studio and released publicly. I will be continuing to release more solo music in the future, as well as with Lil Duo.

The first song that we released as Lil Duo got over 10,000 views across all social media platforms and it was our very first music video.

I’m Capital K and I make modern music as an artist for young people to feel inspired. I perform my art to others for the purpose of entertainment.

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Local Portland area shows are by contact only. See my Instagram for my contact info, or email me at

Other areas of Oregon, or out of state bookings can be done by phone or requested by email.